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After the Great Tragedy

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After the Great Tragedy
from J. G. Braco

Paperback, 168 pages

This book includes the two books written by Braco "
The awakening
" and "
The Sun
" in one edition.

In 1993, Braco met Ivica Prokic, whose work helping people through his special gifts changed Braco's life forever. Braco lost his mentor and best friend in a tragic accident in April 1995. Braco describes in this book how he became the successor of Ivica's mission and discovered his own abilities to help people have a better life. Reading this book gives hope - after a great tragedy.

This timeless book is also about Braco's insightful and so unique natural perspective on life, showing how to achieve a better life despite many challenges; hope for us, for our future and for future generations. This particular book is best read over and over again.


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